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Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

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World-Class Strength - Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle demonstrates the enormous depth and breadth of his training repertoire in this new video.

Teaching for Ida Rolf’s Guild for SI

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Judith talks about her experience teaching for Ida Rolf's Guild for Structural Integration.

Pin and Stretch for the Quadratus Lumborum

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This technique is an excellent way to help reduce tightness on the quadratus lumborum muscle and address its role in various postural dysfunctions.

Gray Cook: Mobility First, then Stability

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In this clip from the FMS: Applying the Model DVD set, Gray Cook explains how we learned to move as an infant, and how that applies to fixing our adult movement problems.

Janda’s Upper Crossed Syndrome, Lower Cross Syndrome, Charlie Weingroff

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In this clip from Charlie's Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training DVD set, Charlie explains Professor Vladimir Janda's famous crossed syndromes, what they are, where they come from and what attention we need to give them...

Dynamic Body: Myers, Hedley, Schleip, Luchau, Mattes, Waslaski, Liebenson, Aston, Riggs, Hesch

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Enhance skills- Boost referrals- Help clients! Click: to order Dynamic Body with Tom Myers, Judith Aston, Gil Hedley, James Waslaski, Art Riggs, Robert Schleip, Craig Liebebson...

Massage In The Ring

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Massage In The Ring

“Train the Core the Right Way” Dr. Mc Gill

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Dr. Stuart Mc Gill shares some of his research regarding "spine sparing strategies, Core training, and functional abdominal training.

Massage In The Ring

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Full Video QL Training w/Dr. Liebenson: Test and Strengthen

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Learn how to test and strengthen your quadratus lumborum.

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