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Gil Hedley: Fascia and stretching: The Fuzz Speech

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Gil Hedley, Ph.D., gives a lesson on the importance of movement and stretching to maintain the sliding properties of tissues in the body, as well as the value of bodywork modalities and yoga when movement potential ha...

Fascia Stretching (Part 1)

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Always ask for a doctor's permission before massaging any person with an aliment, pain or disease that you have questions about.

How I Start Each Bodywork Session – Erik Dalton

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Erik Dalton teaches a simple massage and bodywork neck routine for clients or patients with chronic pain and loss of mobility. Add these myofascial release, deep tissue, and joint stretching myoskeletal techniques and...

Deep Tissue Massage Plantar surface of the foot Art Rigg

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Deep Tissue Massage Plantar surface of the foot by Art Riggs

Tight Traps, Pecs and Lats – Opening the Front Line

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Massage and bodyworkers often unknowingly correct aberrant postural patterns and relieve pain by applying Sherrington's Law of Reciprocal Innervation. Techniques like those shown above, open up constricted chest wall ...

James Waslaski Iliosacral Alignment for SI Joint PainWEB

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James Waslaski, Iliosacral Alignment for SI Joint

Anatomy Trains, 2nd ed: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists (Myers, Elsevier)

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Anatomy Trains, 2nd Edition Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists (Publisher).

James Waslaski Hip Joint Capsular Release WEB

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James Waslaski shows a Hip Joint Capsular Release from his integrative manual therapy and orthopedic massage DVDs. He currently travels around the country teaching orthopedic massage therapy workshops. Visit www.ort...

Subscapularis / Frozen Shoulder – Advanced Myofascial Techniques

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An excerpt from the "Arm, Wrist, & Shoulder" Advanced Myofascial Techniques training DVD series with Til Luchau, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Institute®.

Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

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World-Class Strength - Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle demonstrates the enormous depth and breadth of his training repertoire in this new video.

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