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Coccyx, Coccydynia and Hip Pain

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Click to see our monthly specialsA "hooked" coccyx is an often overlooked source of

Dalton Neck Routines Calming Central Nervous System

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Pain management therapy should be considered as an ongoing process, rather than management of a single episode. The trained

Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching for Neck Pain

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Advanced neck techniques. Click: to check out our monthly specials.Deep tissue and joint stretching

Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Technique… How to Feel Deep

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In this live video series, Erik Dalton discusses the barrier concept and how massage and bodyworkers and personal trainers can

Hyper and Hypo Kyphosis – Erik Dalton

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Help clients, boost referrals, advance your skills. Click: to check out our monthly specialsImprove

Low Back Muscle Spasm …Erik Dalton

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Enhance skills, increase referrals, help your clients! Click: to check out our monthly specialsErik

Massage In The Ring

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Scoliosis Assess and Treat – Erik Dalton

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Enhance skills, boost referrals, help your clients. Click: to check out our monthly specials <br

Simplifying Scoliosis with Erik Dalton

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Check out to see our monthly specialsScoliosis remains one of the most mis-assessed &

Sternoclavicular and Intertransversarii Techniques

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"Whoop up on Gravity" with this SCM, scalene & intertransversarii neck routine. Always perform a vertebral artery test prior to

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