Motion is lotion…move it or lose it! That was the theme of this year’s annual Costa Rica Workshop at the Pura Vida Spa and Resort.
There’s a saying in orthopedics that “motion is lotion for joints,” but what about muscles, fascia, nerves, and cardiovascular structures? Aging causes us to produce less synovial fluid (lubrication) for joints, and hyaluronic acid for musculofascial gliding.
But motion is lotion and nothing brings back the juice like good bodywork and functional home-retraining. Visit for monthly book, video and home-study discounts.

Trying something new…
This year, we began our Dalton Gang retreat by assessing and correcting cervical range of motion restrictions using specially designed deep tissue and myofascial joint stretching techniques. Next, we’ll focus on the “Big 4” spinal junctions (O-A, C-T, T-L & L-S) where most pain & dysfunction arise. Lastly, we’ll deal with upper & lower extremity issues such as rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, and hip capsules, and we’ll highlight the “Top 10” client complaints.
We added a special “Do No Harm” segment to alert therapists to possible therapeutically-induced injury due to excessive stretching or “digging” on hypermobile, unstable, or protectively muscle guarded tissues.
The Myoskeletal goal: Bring on the “lotion’ to restore ‘motion’ to stuck fascia layers, adhesive joint capsules, and injured ligaments. Your clients will love this work!

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